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14844 Charleston Rd.
Red House WV 25168
Phone: 304-586-2449
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We are located on WV State Rt. 62, 4.5 miles North of the Winfield Bridge, midway between Eleanor and Buffalo.

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Gritt's Midway Greenhouse - a very humble beginning

Tony Gritt with BuildingGritt's Midway Greenhouse has grown from peddling fresh produce in Charleston, WV into a full production greenhouse operation supplying plants and produce to 6 states.
Tony Gritt, Jr, founder of Gritt's Midway Greenhouse, constructed a small "hot house" in order to start seedlings for his outdoor production. This enabled him to harvest produce before any other area farmers.

Neighbors saw the advantage of earlier planting and began to ask Mr. Gritt to grow vegetable plants for them also. In 1944 his small greenhouse operation was born.
After vegetable plants, the next logical step was flower cultivation. With the addition of bedding plants Mr. Gritt had to expand his greenhouse area. By the mid 60's Mr. Gritt's produce peddling days were over. Gritt's Midway Greenhouse had grown to both a retail and wholesale operation.

In the early 70's, during the interior plant and terrarium craze, Mr. Gritt found another way to expand his growing business. To better serve his customers, Mr. Gritt's son James went to Florida to buy foliage plants. Gritt's Midway Greenhouse began the production of terrarium and dish gardens to sell to area florists. This led to the development of many foliage offerings we have available today.

To further serve the area florists, Gritt's Midway Greenhouse began the in-house production of potted blooming plants. Easter lilies, fall garden mums, and poinsettias are still grown in our greenhouses today.

In 1993, a decision was made to once again grow and sell produce. A half acre hydroponic greenhouse was constructed and production of hydroponic tomatoes began. After demand outpaced our supply capabilities, a modern 1.5 acre hydroponic tomato range was constructed in 2008. The previous ¾ acre greenhouse is now used to grow English Cucumbers. We also grow hydroponic lettuce and herbs. In 2013 we received GHP (Good Handling Practices)/GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certification. This certifies that we follow USDA food safety practices.

Today, Gritt's Midway Greenhouse has grown from a small wood and glass structure to 6 acres of production greenhouses, with 2 acres of outdoor growing space. We employ approximately 40 people, with jobs supporting our 3 florist sales routes, 2 acres of hydroponic vegetable production, and both wholesale and retail sales.

We grow over 40,000 poinsettias, 30,000 fall mums, 7000 Easter lilies, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and other seasonal potted plants. Our spring crops consist of bedding plants, perennials and hanging baskets. The dishgarden production area designs approximately 1500 dishgardens per week.

We strive to provide the highest quality produce and horticultural products. Please give us the opportunity to share three generations of hard work and experience for all of your home & garden needs.